I love things that make you think twice,Independent Coffee Shops, and being a piece of the global community. I have a strange affinity for Latin American culture, Nicaragua in particular. My day feels oddly unbalanced if it does not start with a downward facing dog. I have developed a newly found appreciation for punk shows and deeply enjoy the hidden sense of community among what I have experienced to be an amazing group of down-to-earth individuals. I enjoy the stride and sound of an authoritative click originating from 3+ inch heels. I think insight can be gained by thinking about any discipline philosophically. I am overwhelmed by the vast array of knowledge and wisdom I am engulfed in and disappointed I humanly cannot obtain it all. Though I remain enlightened and empowered by the realization of my own personal limitations. At any point I am up for a conversation entering the wee hours of the morning talking about the trials and tribulations of the globe or anything else under the sun. I tell people how it is because the world is already full of illusions. I still however remain baffled at my inability to remember the longitude and latitude of my keys, phone, or wallet at any point in time. Graciously open to new instruments including the most sacred sounds echoing from the human body, to the violin, or the Djembe despite my atrocious lack of rhythm. I do a hauntingly accurate impression of my 75-year-old off the boat Italian grandmother and enjoy authentic Italian cooking to raw fish wrapped in seaweed. The list goes on as I'm sure it does for most, but lastly I truly appreciate the uniqueness of each individual while seeing no matter how seemingly different we all are, we are all connected.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Simply Complex

IMG_0149 by dmr620
IMG_0149 a photo by dmr620 on Flickr.
Everyday we wake up with intention. The intention to get married, to graduate, to make money, to eat healthy, but what are we actually seeking with all of these intentions? Ultimately these paths and choices should lead us closer and closer to self-actualization and enlightenment, if we are open to it. We want to reach our full potential internally, to do this we utilize the external. If these external things are not tools in which to deepen our soul and become more in tune with the inner self, they remain futile. It is easy to get caught up in conventionality or what others have told us we need to make us happy, but true happiness can only be attained from within, and unless the external is helping us to attain this inner happiness, what purpose does it serve? Beauty can be found in simplicity, while nothing really remains "simple". Anything "simple", is actually quite complicated. Whatever these things might be and as disconnected and alone we may feel in the world, we are all connected to each other and it is through the true embrace of all souls around us that will deepen our connection with others and ourselves. To surrender to ourselves and the person we want to become.